Strategic Workforce Development, INC "where opportunity meets potential"

Strategic Workforce Development, INC "where opportunity meets potential"

Mission statement


Making a Difference and Impacting Lives


 Strategic Workforce Development Inc is a 501(C) 3 Non-Profit Job Development and Workforce Institution

  SWD works with over 150 different employers and 15 Skilled Trade Unions

SWD is funded by the Department of Higher Education and  Workforce Development, Missouri

SWD offers personalized corporate Soft Skills Programs with accredited coaches

SWD has Diversity Inclusion 

SWD supports Fair Hiring Practices


"A community that sees so clearly its own disadvantage or its own hardships also has a harder time seeing its potential: its ability to work together to change the community and change their lives "-  Matthew Desmond



SWD Values: based on the theme of TRUST


  1. Trust is good for morale and motivation.
  2. Trust builds teamwork and collaboration.
  3. Trust produces increased speed, improved efficiency and      hence, decreases costs.
  4. Trust empowers ethical decision-making.
  5. Trust increases loyalty and the willingness to stay  with a company.
  6. Trust decreases stress levels and hostility in the work      environment.
  7. Trust overcomes resistance to change.
  8. Trust breaks down corporate silos and isolating      behaviors.
  9. Trust is a gateway to persuasion, sharing and  developing ideas.
  10. Trust is a key ingredient to coaching and improving      employee performance.
  11. Trust builds integrity and self reliance.
  12. Trust builds confidence and competence.






Every year we hold successful bi-annual JOB FAIRS. These job fairs are sponsored by Councilman Brandon Ellington, 3rd District- at- Large. Our job fairs target the justice-involved individuals, discouraged workers and mid-skilled workers find employment. The job fairs also give employers opportunities to select their candidates and also give a fair chance for reintegration to the workforce. 


  • Easy to apply here (online) or visit our Job Fairs
  • Direct Hire Employers
  • Legitimate and reputable employers 
  • The Job Fair  has both Temporary and Permanent Jobs
  • A wide variety of jobs for felons, suited for different skill sets
  • Felon-friendly employers 
  • Free access to apprenticeship programs with the Carpenters, Painters Union, Ironworkers Union and Builders Association.
  • Community partners for other resources
  • We have employed over 218 people from 2018 to Dec 2019.



  •  Aaron L. Levitt Social Entrepreneurship Changemaker Challenge 2019
  • Determination Inc.,  Rise Up, Get Started Entrepreneurship Challenge 2019
  • I Million Cups Participant 2020

We Find Them Train Them Employ Them

A happy and successful candidate makes all the difference to us. 

SWD's focus is not graduation rates but 'employment' and career development.

Lunch and Learn Seminars

How many minutes are there in a day? 


Now Hiring!

Employers are still hiring. Please email us your resumes or fill in employment applications and send it to us. All interviews will be done via phone.


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Your generous gift will help us fund our mission to help those disadvantaged individuals in need of job training, skills,  bus passes and employment services. Lets give a hand-up and not a handout.  Financial empowerment for all. Lets give up a hand-up!