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Impact of our Vision statement

Candidate pool

SWD’s population served: As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we offer an educational experience that enables disenfranchised Kansas Citians to reintegrate back into the Kansas City metro area as  able skilled workforce. Our charter is to engage and help Kansas Citians in the metro area that fit this profile:

Age: 21 years and older.

Location: From Kansas City, Missouri within the 18 zip codes of the Troost corridor.

Gender: All gender identities.

Background: Justice-involved individuals and discouraged entry-level and mid-level workers.

Close the deal

Data and dynamics of candidates



Background: In August 2018, Strategic Workforce Development Inc. (SWD) was awarded a $50,000.00 grant from Missouri Department of Economic Development to institute two iterations of the Social Survival Skills/OSHA 30 Training experience in the second and third quarter of 2019. Our organization hosted two of these ‘experiences’ (hereafter described as ‘seminars’) as proof of concept for this educational model (May 20 – June 7 and 2. July 17- August 2. This document celebrates our one-year anniversary as a nonprofit organization (Since August 19, 2019) and also serves as a report to the Full Employment Council of Kansas City, Missouri of the outcomes of these two seminars. 

Barriers to Success


Barriers and expenses 




Together We Achieve More


Diversity Inclusion

The team at SWD comes from a diverse group of Kansas citians, of different backgrounds, race and ethnicities. As a policy, we do not discriminate people based on different religion, genders,  ethnicities, disabilities and sexual orientations. We have a fair and equal representation of demographics in our team and the people we serve.

Social Survival Skills

Whether we call it soft skills or rather Social Survival Skills. We offer in-depth and 30 hours of intense seminars based on career development, emotional quotient and social navigation skills. 

Throughout these classes we have Employers come in and give our students 'tips and job leads'. We also have luncheon classes, where we feed the students, all the while they are being coached on job retention and professional ethics and expectations.

SWD & Bishop Ltd Construction Partnership

Bishop Ltd Construction and SWD has partnered up to better facilitate and give jobs to selected candidates and clients in the construction industry and working with Habitat For Humanity housing projects..

What do we do?

Another aspect of SWD is as a recruiter. We reach out to people, train them and make sure they are employed. Everyone is welcome to call us, set an appointment online and email us. We have around a 100 employers in our list that we help get them vetted candidates. Our vision "Where Opportunity Meets Potential" is verily what we do - find those gems in the realm of employment. Our Job is to be that resource for those who do not know how to navigate the world of employment and career development.