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April 20th - June 13th / July 18th - Aug 15th

Recruitment for candidates has begun. 

We are looking for 20 serious candidates to train and give an opportunity to get OSHA 30 TRAINING , Aerial Lifting and Fork Lift for careers in Warehousing, Construction and other services. Jobs in Construction offers $ 19- $25 per hour.  Get in touch with us and let us help you make livable wages. 

Office Location

UMKC bldg, 4747 Troost Ave, Kansas City, Missouri 64110


Who are we? 

We are a 501 (c) 3 Non Profit Organization. We  are a Kansas City's first fully integrated Non Profit Workforce. We believe in helping our people and communities live a comfortable and financially stable  life by mapping a career with hard skills,  and earn more than livable wages. 

What do we do?

We are an accredited  Job Institution. We have various Hard Skill licensed trainings for career-oriented jobs and we have  Social Survival Skills Seminars and workshops as  a way to navigate challenging work environment, social settings as  well as personal life barriers.

Do you have employers?

We have around 100  varied employers in the Kansas City, MO employment sectors. We also have employers who are in the construction industry, as well as the trade unions like Carpenters Union, Painters Union and the Roofers Union etc. 

Are the vocational  training given by professionals?

Yes. We have professional state  licensed trainers who work with us as well as inhouse life and training  coaches.

What vocational trainings are  provided?

We provide OSHA 30, Aerial Lift and Forklift certifications. In the near future, Maintenance Training will be one of the hard skills trainings provided. 

Who is the right candidate for your vocational training?

We service justice involved individuals and discouraged populations from the Kansas City metropolitan areas. Our candidates can be from any strata of society, community and looking to make  positive changes in their lives,  attaining work skills and seeking employment or looking for career change. 

Do you offer Soft Skills Training?

We have an in-depth training program and which is called Social Survival Skills Training. This can be anywhere between one day to 2 weeks of training, dependent on the size of ready candidates, corporate class or school programs.  We believe that these seminars help individuals face their social skills, character build-up or check on emotional quotient and adaptability.

What do we need to be considered for the government -funded vocational trainings?

We work with Full Employment Council  and our candidates need to be enrolled there as a member. We help candidates with the processes. Documents required for these trainings are : SSN, state or government provided ID, birth certificate, men between ages 18 to 26 should be enrolled in the selective services between these ages, if someone has been incarcerated  during these years, they can be excused if they provide papers from their PO's or have any document as proof, provide an active residential postal address. 

Will there be employment services if one does not get training here? 

Yes. We will help  find jobs per individual skills, work history and experience.   

What kind of jobs do you offer?

We have temp and permanent Jobs dependent on what the candidate is looking for and what is readily available with our employers. 

When do you have Job Fairs?

Our Job Fairs take place quarterly or bi-annual based on need. Usually Job Fair events will be posted on this website. 




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